“Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.” 
― Ingmar Bergman

Jeff Stillwell is a Pacific Northwest native, born and raised in a small town called Issaquah. A recording artist, an actor, a film director, a fantasizer,


He experienced his first taste of success when in 2007, his musical moniker Deer City achieved notoritey via Myspace.com, followed by multiple mentions in The Seattle Stranger and airplay on KEXP 90.3 FM. In 2008 Stillwell performed at the EMP Sound Off! competition alongside Hey Marseilles,  and ultimately produced 6 albums as Deer City.


In 2010 Stillwell relocated to Olympia, Wa to attend The Evergreen State College, where he immersed himself in film studies. He also took his first film acting job at this time, playing the central character in Lara Jean Gallagher's short film 'Stage II.' He would spend the next five years bringing his first feature-length screenplay to the screen- a neo-noir drama called 'HENRYK,' which would eventually be completed in 2015.


While Stillwell was working to complete his directorial debut, he would continue to act in a handful of independent films and music videos, including Erin Dinsmore's 'The Life and Death of Julian Finn,' and Molly Preston's short film 'CARL,' which went on to win 'Best Short Film' at the Oregon Independent Film Festival. In 2014 he began specializing as a script supervisor in Portland, and has now worked on numerous feature films there. Stillwell would also return to creating music, forming a surf-pop band 'Get Mom' with college friends, who would eventually produce 2 albums and a west-coast tour together.

Since then, Stillwell has been busy as ever- releasing a double-album of experimental pop music via Soundcloud.com called 'Neptunalia,' and also completing his first short film 'TOGOLAND-' a surrealist WW1 fairytale set in a mystical desert. Officially relocating to Portland in 2016, Stillwell continues to work both in front of, and behind the camera, as well as create his own brand of infectious pop music. He can be hired as an actor, production designer, script supervisor, assistant director, production assistant, and location scout/coordinator for film. 



"Music is genuine and healthy and the stimulation I get from molding it and adding dynamics is like nothing else on earth." 

                            - Brian Wilson

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